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Sun Lu Tang

Sun Jian Yun

A Guide to Sun Style 62 Step Sword Form uses text and photographs to illustrate the postures of the form and to help students learn and practise this sword form developed by Sun Lu Tang and passed on to his daughter Sun Jian Yun, and through her to the author’s two sword teachers, David Martin of Leicester, UK and later Zhang Zhen Hua of Beijing, China.

The book is composed of approximately 350 photographs which not only illustrate the postures of the sword form, but the transitions flowing from one posture to the next, close up of sword handling  and reinforced by description and direction.

There are also references to the teachings of Madam Sun Jian Yun translated by the author of several books on Sun Style Taijiquan, Bradford Tyrey, at different points through the text adding a wider perspective to this book.

The author, Carl Bateman, teaches in the United Kingdom, and is part of a network of instructors, teachers and students who train in the traditional Sun Style Taijiquan of Sun Jian Yun which follow her father's teachings, and handed down to Zhang Zhen Hua, David Martin and Bradford Tyrey by Sun Jian Yun.