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Sun Lu Tang

Sun Jian Yun

Traditional Sun Lu-T'ang Style: Commentary by Madam Sun Jian-Yun, Daughter of Sun Lu-T'ang ~  Questions & Answers on Taijiquan ~ Baguazhang ~ Xingyiquan ~ Qigong (Volume I).

Book contains: Over 130 old photos and drawings, with 100 pages of detailed information. An authoritative book authored by one of Madam Sun Jian-Yun's (daughter of Grandmaster Sun Lu-T'ang [1861-1933]) direct long-term students.  Old writings on the Neijiaquan practices of Taijiquan (Tai-Chi), Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Qigong. This book focuses on questions that we asked Madam Sun [1913-2003] in class, and her detailed explanations. This is part of a series of books on traditional Sun family practices and is highly recommended as a follow-up text to our 1st book: The Internal Practices of Sun Lu-T'ang. Introduction to several of Madam Sun's direct long-term students: Bradford Tyrey (USA), Dave Martin (United Kingdom), and Su-Ying Martin (United Kingdom). Our second book offered on traditional Sun family style practices. This book introduces many of the profound methods of practice taught by Grandmaster Sun Lu-T'ang, and is an absolutely essential text for pursuing the traditional Sun family style Taijiquan (Tai-Chi) form instruction and cultivation of qi presented in our third book in this series.